Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The End

I forgot to post on Monday. I remembered it the next morning, and went "oh well."

Yesterday I thought about the fact that I hadn't posted before I shut the computer off for the night, but thought, "well, I already missed yesterday, so what difference does it make?"

Today I'm posting to explain the last couple of days, but really - NaBloPoMo is over for me. Not only that, I think this whole blog is over for me. I just don't really want to write about my life here anymore. I'm not sure why. Maybe now that I have J in my life and am overall pretty happy, there's no reason to? I don't know.

But I feel safe in saying this is the end of my updates here at WatchOutForThisOne. Thanks for reading, to those of you who have - it always meant a lot to me when I'd get a comment or an e-mail from you.

I am still going to be writing on my diet blog from time to time, but that's mostly just for me, to help me work out the food related demons in my head, so I don't mind if you aren't reading it. Feel free to stop in if you want to, though.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas in November!

Something so exciting happened today! Santa Claus came!

Okay, no he didn't. But there was still a great gift purchased! J handed me the Target ad for this week, and on the second page was the thing I've wanted for so long! A Kitchen Aid stand mixer! And J said to get ready, and he'd take me to get it, and he did! It's sitting in our dining room right now. I don't get it until Christmas, but I got to open it up today and make sure it works, which it does, and woo!

I'm so excited! Is it Christmas yet? :D

Eeeeee! So excited!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just a Quiet, Boring Saturday

I had a quiet Saturday. J was at work this morning, so I basically hung around the house. I did some laundry, watched some TV, played some Sims 3.

Oh yeah, and then I tried to open the blinds in the bathroom, but they fell down. So I took that opportunity to vacuum out the inside of the window (spiders tend to get in there, because it's an old window with plenty of spaces for them to squeeze through). I cleaned up a bunch of webs, one small spider and something that looked eerily like a nest meant for hatching babies, and then I carefully took the curtain down that hangs over the blinds, expecting the whole time for a huge spider to jump out and attack me, but it was clear. I gingerly put it in the wash, then I put it in the dryer, and then about 15 minutes before J got home, I took it out of the dryer and went to hang it up. I got it on the curtain rod, holding it carefully and looking at the openings the whole time, because I've had spiders hide in the back of the metal rods on me before. All seemed clear, though.

Can you tell where this is going?

So, I get the curtain on the rod, and I get the rod back on its hook, and then I'm straightening the curtain out, to spread it out evenly over the rod and center it. I'm standing on the toilet, so I'm at curtain rod height, just about. I'm straightening it up...and a huge effing spider falls down right in front of my face.


I basically flew out into the living room, then proceeded to say fuck a lot, while patting my hair and clothes down to make sure there weren't any on me. (I get paranoid about spiders - I see one, and then suddenly I feel like they must be everywhere.)

I couldn't face it. It was too scary. So I stood in the living room window, cussing every car that went by that wasn't J, and then cheering when he finally pulled into the driveway.

He smooshed it for me. He felt it go pop. I was very happy. Then we went to Burger King for dinner, then we went to Walmart for groceries, then I read my book for a while, then I watched some Laverne & Shirley season one while playing the Sims 3.

So yeah, it was just your basic quiet, boring Saturday. :P

Friday, November 13, 2009

Three Car Garage

Our house has a two car attached garage. It's a two car garage, but it's very roomy inside, and for a long time now J has been convinced that he could fit all three of our vehicles into the garage, if only we could get enough of the crap cleaned out.

Well, this spring I had a whole truckload of junk taken to the dump, and J has done a lot of work to clean out a lot more stuff. And tonight his dream came true. Behold, our three car garage:

The picture is dark, even with the garage lights on, but here you go - J's truck, my car, J's car. :) You did it, J!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mmm, Milk

I have always loved drinking milk. I grew up having a glass of white milk with dinner every single night - and I wasn't forced to drink it. I wanted to drink it. It's so good!

So when I started having digestive problems (ahem) when I was about 30, and finally found out from my doctor that the problem was lactose intolerance, I was seriously sad. What, no more drinking milk? No more ice cream? No more cheese? Say it ain't so!

Well, I eventually figured out that I can still eat ice cream, and cheese. I can't drink regular milk, but there are lactose free milk products on the market. There's just one problem - lactose free milk is so bad! It's very sweet (a result of the process they use to remove the lactose, and of what they replace it with). It tastes okay with chocolate in it, and recipes prepared with it taste fine, but to just drink a glass of it, without chocolate? Ick. No thanks.

But then a few weeks ago I was shopping for groceries, and I picked up a different brand of lactose free milk - Real Goodness milk.

(And yes, this is kind of an advertisement for their milk, but they aren't paying me, obviously, since I reach an audience of about five, and probably none of those are lactose intolerant.)

I went home and was opening the milk to use in something (probably a bowl of cereal), when I read on the container that it was supposed to be different than regular lactose free milk, and that it was supposed to taste more like regular milk.

Well, surprise surprise, it actually does! My bones are probably getting stronger as we speak, because I have been drinking so much more milk! Cereal for breakfast or dinner? Yes, I'll have a glass of milk with that. A real dinner that either J or I make? Yes, I'll have a glass of milk with that. Uh, chocolate that I'm not supposed to have but do anyway? Oh yeah, I definitely need a glass of white milk with that.

Thanks, Real Goodness. :) Oh, and thanks for the $1 off coupons that I printed from your website.

Mmm, milk.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day 2009

Today I am remembering, honoring and thanking the men and women who are and who have served in the U.S. military. I appreciate the freedoms you all have served to protect for me. Thank you.

I've been close to a few veterans in my life. My grandfather served with the Marines in WWII. My oldest brother was in the Air Force. My middle brother was in the Navy. My boss was in the Army (I think I have the right branch for him, although I'm not 100% sure). And most important, my J was a Navy man. We met when we were supposed to meet, when we would be able to get together and stay together for the rest of our lives, but sometimes I wish I could have seen him in his uniform. :) So handsome!

(Although, I would have died when he was out on the ship for months at a time. I go crazy when he's gone less than two days!)

Happy Veteran's Day. Thank you again.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nightly Report

Kate is on the floor next to me, meowing to tell me she wants some attention. The dogs are all sleeping, as is J. I think Sable is the cat that just swatted a cat toy around the living room floor. The rest of the cats are probably napping.

As for me, I just finished playing the Sims 3 and watching last night's episode of Trauma online. It's a good show. And my hands are cold, because you know what? Winter is coming. Also, I have a bit of a bellyache, and I'm tired.

Entries like this are why it's probably not a good idea for me to write in here every day. :)

I hope you all have had a great Tuesday. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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